Welcome to Playfield
Kid's Academy

Playfield Kid’s Academy is one of the biggest service providers for sports and academic education catered for children; a premium leisure and recreation center for families. We are committed to give and grow our children with a good balance of school-life and help them to build as a person.

Our Vision

A place where children can grow and develop their abilities and help them become confident in their everyday life! Our mission: To obtain a balanced childhood, sports education and the love for learning!

Our Mission

Here at Playfield we do not only provide our members with a physical education but instead we help them to build as a person.
They will be able to discover innovative solutions to help achieve their goals. All our activities are carefully selected and planned to help a child to develop their inner personality and skills such as self-discipline, teamwork, leadership and to have a good sportsmanship. These are all the essentials needed for successful child in the modern world we live in today!

Our Core Values

Conducive Place

To give our members a conducive place to spend quality time at Playfield Kid's Academy; have the fun of playing and learning sports.

Stress Away

To help our children relax, take a break from their heavy and stressful class assignments, tests and school exams.

Stay Focus

To help our children build up their strength and fitness, rest well throughout the night, stay more alert and focus at the classroom


To get our children to put away their personal electronic gadgets; engage outdoor activities, socialize and make more friends for life.

Sportsmanship & Character Building

To engage our children to learn and play sports; participate in Playfield activities and competitions so that our children can pick up sportsmanship, build self-confidence, acquire leadership qualities and the necessary social skills to face more challenges in life.

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We look forward to having all of you and your children to grow, play and learn with us.

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