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Primary School

Playfield Primary School is a dynamic community of students. We are committed to delivering innovative teaching practices and successful sports programmes that help students reach their best potential. We support each student's growth and development; encourage high achievement, sportsmanship and passion for learning. Playfield Primary School respects diversity within our school and community, and promotes strong connection among our students, staff and families. Our supportive and safe learning environment is designed to stimulate and enhance the children's learning. We aim to provide students the skills and qualification they need for the 21st century.

Our Vision

To prepare and equip all students to reach their best potential as life-long learner

Our Mission

We are committed to motivate and empower our students to become inspiring life-long learners, foster the growth of developing the whole child, provide a safe and supportive learning environment and partnership with home, school and community.



We instill integrity in students, from preschool to primary, and even in our Kids Academy.


We foster empathy accross all units by encouraging students to understand and consider others' feelings.


We promote adaptability as a core value applicable to every unit, preparing students for a rapidly changing world.


We emphasize responsibility and social awareness in students of all ages, nurturing responsible citizens.


We underscore teamwork as a fundamental value for success, starting from preschool and extending to our younger learners.

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