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Established in 2017, Playfield Preschool follows the best practice in early childhood education using an eclectic curriculum. Our curriculum combines all the good principles from various philosophies. Every child needs to learn that learning can be as enjoyable as play, but at the same time children need boundaries and guidance.


We are dedicated to bring the best of your child's potentials through our activities and guidance by our experienced and nurturing teachers. It is the goal of our preschool to provide quality care and education in a safe, nurturing environment to the children and families we service. Our aim is to be dedicated to our children and families by inspiring, creating and exploring our children’s world through their eyes.

Our Vision

To Build a foundation for learning that will enable children to be life-long learners and to thrive in a dynamic world.

Our Mission

Playfield Preschool is dedicated to providing inspiring and creative learning experience that encourages children to explore and learn.

Our Learning Goals

Lessons are theme-based studies that integrate in six areas of learning

Religion and Moral Value
Language and Literacy Development
Cognitive Development
Physical Development
Creative Development
Mandarin Programme

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